Sunday School Podcast

"Table Talk That Feeds the Soul"

Sunday School by Vicky Cakes is a feel-good show that brings enlightenment and joy to your Sunday morning. Vicky Cakes Co-founders, Cortney and Christian Sargent, discuss valuable lessons they’ve learned about life, family, parenting, and business, in hopes to inspire listeners to continue learning and growing. They also discuss all things Vicky Cakes and what’s going on with the company and tell interesting behind-the-scenes stories. Welcome to Sunday School. We publish episodes every Sunday morning at 7am CST.

Meet Your Podcast Hosts

Christian Sargent

Vicky Cakes CEO, Entrepreneur

Christian is Co-Founder and CEO of Vicky Cakes, a woman-owned, Blacked-owned pancake & waffle mix company. She is an accomplished national radio host, entrepreneur, and thought leader on human psychology and behavior. Christian brings an edgy-but-balanced comical energy to the show.

Cortney Sargent, Sr.

Vicky Cakes Co-Founder, Entrepreneur

Cortney is a serial entrepreneur, podcast host, CEO of an international design agency, and Co-Founder of Vicky Cakes. My life’s motto is “let’s make it better by going up together” because the best thing about the journey to the top is helping someone along the way. Cortney brings an intelligent common-sense approach to the show, and tells it like it is.